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Día de Muertos

A day for everyone to remember those we've lost. But to celebrate they are still near us.

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Día de Muertos

Calaveritas de Azúcar

In the mexican culture, the sugar skulls are essential at the offering and they can include the name of the deceased or of a living person.

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Día de Muertos

Pan de Muerto

The dead bread, also known as hojaldra, is a tradicional element and typical of the mexican culture to celebrate the “día de muertos”.

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Día de Muertos

Papel Picado

It was here that the Aztec people first chiseled spirit figures into bark, which later became the art form now known as papel picado.

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Made with the best ingredients, carefully baked and a taste of home.


Crafted with traditional recipes in all of your favorite flavors.


You can find mexican meats, cheese, quesadillas and sandwiches.


Taste and Share the best delicious dessert, we offer a variety of flavors and colors.

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Fresh baked bread each day!

Try our delicious traditional variety of fresh bread in all its different flavors. Enjoy in every bite!

Cuernito Dánes



Roles de Canela


Rebenada de Mantequilla

Don Paco Lopez Platters
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Catering & Special Events

Next time you have to entertain or to host a presentation at home or at the office let us know.

Enjoy from fruit platters, different sandwiches, tamales and Mexican tortas or a menu that suits your needs and wants, all made fresh for you to enjoy.

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Our customers love what we bake

Every day, for the last 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to perfect the sweet Mexican bread, and to us means everything.

The best traditional Mexican bakery and pastry ... My favorite are the conchas, mini conchas are the best.

Mac Aguilar

It's a great place. Delicious bread and one of the best tamales and quesadillas i have ever tasted.

Emilio L

I've been a long time customer, and their service never fails. A great assortment of food

Alex Euceda

Everything is so great, my sister recommended it to me. Loved the tamales & their quesadillas

Brenda Cisneros

I went inside the bakery by accident, but found my self eating their bread with so much delight.

Chato Math


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